Photo courtesy of Live View Studios

Photo courtesy of Live View Studios

Dear LULA loves,

Want to know something awesome!?  John and I are coming home from our international travels a bit early – meaning… If you have been waiting and wondering about your fall/winter 2015 wedding hair and makeup (mid-late October, November, and December) please contact us using our contact page or by emailing lulahairandmakeup@gmail.com.

*This also includes dreamy fall inspiration shoots, beautiful engagement shoots, and fun family shoots.*

See you soon!

With blush and bobby pins,


Thank you!

Robyn Van Dyke Photography

Do you guys remember this picture from last year?? Well, thanks to all of your LULA love & support, our limited spots for 2015 inquiries have been filled. THANK YOU!!

We have a new website, complete with some exciting news for the future of LULA, launching in just a few weeks – we can’t wait to share!!

For all 2016 USA inquiries, please fill out our contact form and I’ll return your message as soon as possible!

Fresh Change Coming to lulahairandmakeup.com!

You guys…

I am so excited.  Our website is getting the TLC she has needed to perfectly match our purpose, our inspiration, and our quality of service.  With the help of Paige at Fifth of June Photography, Heather at Heather’s Letters, and Nancy at Nancy Ray Photography, we are cleaning things up around here to better express who we are.

Here’s a bit of what’s to come!  All images courtesy of Nancy Ray.

Image by Nancy Ray Photography for LULA Hair & Makeup Image by Nancy Ray Photography for LULA Hair & Makeup Image by Nancy Ray Photography for LULA Hair & Makeup

Stick around for more news!


I had the honor to work with Rebecca Rose Creative and Perry Vaile in this beautiful feature for Trendy Bride Magazine, for their Winter/Spring 2015 issue.  We sought to evoke an ethereal, mysterious, and royal feel with a BHLDN gown, the most regal veil by Jocelyn Coles, and soft hair and makeup by LULA.

I personally love that she is outdoors and barefoot. Though she is perfectly gorgeous and prepared for her groom, she is also a lady in love with the beauty of nature – her hair slightly fallen and tousled, and her makeup soft and dreamy, to compliment the elements.

LULA for Trendy Bride Magazine, Photo by Perry Veil, Styling by Rebecca Rose Creative

Trendy Bride Magazine - Photo by Perry Vaile

LULA for Trendy Bride Magazine, Photo by Perry Veil, Styling by Rebecca Rose Creative

LULA for Trendy Bride Magazine, Photo by Perry Veil, Styling by Rebecca Rose Creative LULA for Trendy Bride Magazine, Photo by Perry Veil, Styling by Rebecca Rose Creative
LULA for Trendy Bride Magazine, Photo by Perry Veil, Styling by Rebecca Rose CreativeThankful to work with such talented professionals for this inspirational shoot!  Great job, ladies!


The awkward season between the holidays and the first hints of spring are tricky when it comes to makeup.  Going too dark with eyes or lips this time of year can tend to drab you down or wash you right out.  On the other hand, you don’t want your face to look like a luau in the middle of January.

I have been LOVING Benefit’s “PosieTint” – it is the perfect warm, soft pink that will brighten up your face while still being super appropriate for winter weather. You can go one coat, or layer to build stronger color.  Think cozy knee socks, oversized cable knits, and a hot cup of tea!

Benefit PosieTint

Sam in Posietint

style with:

Coming Soon – LULA Featured in Trendy Bride Magazine

Thanks to the sweet ladies at Rebecca Rose Events, I was able to be a part of this lovely shoot for Trendy Bride Magazine.  All images are courtesy of the talented Perry Vaile.  Our bride wore a BHLDN gown and traipsed the Raven Rock State Park to evoke a romantic, elegant, and earthy wedding day.

Here’s just a peek – more images to follow.Trendy Bride Perry Vaile Photography


Trendy Bride Perry Vaile


FEATURE – Southern Weddings Magazine – V7!

SWV7 Feature

Last spring, I had the incredible honor to provide hair and makeup styling for Southern Weddings Magazine!  When the gals emailed me with their inspiration, I knew I had to be a part.  The Dogwood-inspired shoot, “A New Beginning,” was everything we hoped it would be – sunny, breezy, whimsical, and surrounded by dogwood trees in full, southern bloom.  We tried to emanate elegance, simplicity, and whimsy that is so evocative of spring in the south. The full-length bridesmaids gowns from BHLDN were a flowy spectrum of light mint and blue, so we kept the makeup very fresh in peachy pinks and browns. We styled the bridesmaids hair mostly down, loose, and lightly curled, and featured a braided, loose updo on the stunning bride (who is seen in this Monique Lhuillier gown – so gorgeous).  We even got to do a little hair and makeup primping on the three adorable flower girls!

See the full posts here and here on the Southern Weddings website, and of course, the full feature is in Southern Weddings Magazine!  Volume 7 of Southern Weddings is available now at major newsstands and bookstores around the country!

We had to wait a bit to share, but like most of the best things in life, it was worth the wait!









Life Stage Films was also a part of the day, and captured the beautiful moments of preparation and shooting in film.  We make a few cameos throughout!  So beautiful!

And here are a few behind-the-scene shots from this fun day in sunny NC!

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 8.41.07 PM

Thank you, Southern Weddings, for this delightful opportunity to do what I love with you!

And thank you, Landon and Jordan of Landon Jacob Photography, for capturing these beautiful images!

Welcome Back Notes To Self

Here are just a few kind notes to self as I begin a new year, and as I re-enter this world of weddings, makeup, hair, styling, small business, imaging, social networking, emails, et al:

Do not look to others who do what you do, or are in the same field, to find your inspiration.  If it bugs you or causes jealousy, even if it is beautiful, do not look at it!  Take time to admire the beautiful imagery created from your own life, your friends, your family, the real world that is all around you. A Thing Called Life Set your eyes on things above, not on earthly things.  Heavenly inspiration, and inspiration born purely out of life and wonder, will always be more fulfilling than inspiration born out of competition. A flower does not think of competing You always have the privilege of saying yes, and you always reserve the right to say no. Less really really really is more.  Less time on the computer, pouring over Pin-spiration, worrying that you are not enough.  Less time wondering what you should be doing to be the best business-owner and makeup and hair stylist.  Less comparison.  You do not have to be doing what everyone else is doing! Have Less. Do More. Who the World Wants you to be
Things that are seemingly unrelated to business that fuel your heart (reading a great book, spending time in the Word, worship, and prayer, taking a long walk outside, going to a museum, laughing over really stupid stuff, going on a date, catching up with a friend, watching a funny movie, making a great meal) really DO fuel your work, your art, and your business as a whole. Stuff To Do Feed your baby good food.  Carefully choose where you get your business counsel and beauty inspiration.  Think big, shoot for the moon, dream HUGE dreams.  Looking up will serve you more than looking laterally. Six Impossible Things

Image Credit: A Thing Called LifeHave Less Do More, Don’t Overthink It, Six Impossible Things

Breathe, Refresh, Reset

I am back from Africa, with a huge, thankful heart.

Sam in Portofino, Italy

In August, when we (my husband John and I) got the word that we were accepted to ministry school in Africa, I knew what I had to do.  For months, I had been holding off on scheduling any weddings for the fall and winter, praying, and trying to wait as patiently as possible for the word on whether or not we would be going.  Weeks went by, and our fall was still unsure.  Our future was still unsure.

The best things in life are worth waiting for, and sacrificing for.

Art, of any kind, is best fueled and inspired when life is had.  When adventures are had.  When we aren’t so focused on what we are creating, or even that we are creating, as much as we are willing to just enjoy life, the small things, the simple moments.  These fuel our tanks, and out of this fullness, we create with authenticity, with power, and most of all, with inspiration.  Art without inspiration is just clanging noise.

John in Gordes

So when we got the word to go, I did what I knew I had to do, and what I had prepared to do.  I blacked-out my fall and winter business schedule for any weddings, said “no” more than I ever have, announced our coming adventure, set up my Vacation Settings email with a list of references, and held my business with open hands.  All of it.  It was nerve-wracking, exhilarating, frustrating, strangely relieving, did not make any sense (to my natural mind, and in the world of weddings), and made a lot of sense (to my heart).  When God tells you to do something, you don’t have to understand how it will all work out. And when God gives you more than one passion, He alone is going to take care of how these passions come to fruition.

When nothing is sure

So, after packing up our little home and traveling through Europe and Africa for three months,

after very little access to all things wedding blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, emails, and the wedding world,

after three months of not worrying over what my hair, skin, nails, or makeup looked like, or what the latest aesthetic/small business/wedding vendor/styling trends were,

after meeting beautiful people from all over the world,

after doing hair and makeup for an entire bridal party in Mozambique, with barely any makeup or hair supplies, and seeing the pure joy on the bride’s face as she looked in the mirror,

I come home purely refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-inspired.  I came home with a fresh vision of what my little hair and makeup business is all about.

Beautiful Things in Humble Places

Sam in Nelspruit, South Africa

LULA is about acknowledging and honoring the beauty in yourself, in others, in the big moments and the little moments in life.  We do not need as much as we think we do.  And so it is with beauty.  True beauty is not about the brand of makeup, the right hair, the best clothes, or the most perfectly curated instagrams.  It’s about loving what you see when you look in the mirror, enjoying others, and enjoying real life.  Beauty is simple – it’s you.  I want each and every lovely lady who sits in my chair to not just like what they see, but to feel as beautiful as they truly are.


Much to my surprise, and to my delight, God gave me new vision and business plans for LULA, and I can’t wait to make these changes in the coming months. Things are going to be more streamlined, more simple, more beautiful, more clear, and LULA is going to be more of what I dreamed her to be.

This Life is Pretty Amazing

So, here’s to you!  Happy 2015!New Year

Stay tuned for a post I am very excited to share – my feature in Southern Weddings Magazine – V7!

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(If you emailed during my time away, I will be responding shortly!  Thank you so much for your patience, and I am looking forward to talking with you!)

LULA is going on an adventure!

Robyn Van Dyke Photography

Robyn Van Dyke Photography

 This year has been everything I hoped it would be, and then some.  

I started out 2014 having just quit my day job to pursue a more balanced life with work I love.  Providing beautifully personalized hair and makeup styling for ladies – be it for a wedding day, a special date, prom, a photo shoot, or one-on-one consultation – is just a part of why I have fallen even more in love with this job.  I get to meet people, hear their stories, and be with them during special moments.  For a brief time, they sit in my chair and trust me with an intimate part of who they are.  We get to chat and dream.  I get to be one of the makers of the vision of a special moment, a special day.  

I always say that hair and makeup is just art in which no two canvases are the same.  Each canvas has its own set of beautiful, natural features to work with.  Finding beauty isn’t hard, you just have to have an eye that appreciates what is already there.  That is why I love what I do!  There’s not a person who sits in my chair who isn’t amazingly beautiful.  I just get to play up what’s there, while chatting and laughing and dreaming (and sweating… *cough* I mean glistening!)

Work also gets to be one of my joys because, well, it’s just that – ONE of my joys!  Where we do not depend on something or someone for our joy, that thing just gets to be what it is, and we just get to love it for what it is.  I am so thankful for work that has allowed me to be all me, and a huge outlet for my creativity.  

From September through December of this year, my husband and I are taking some time to pursue some different joys and adventures around the world.  We will be in Europe and Africa with a missions organization which focuses largely on orphan care and aid for the impoverished.  I am so excited!  

I am a huge believer in living life, and letting that life inspire your work – instead of letting work rule your life.  I am so excited to take in all the sights, smells, tastes, textures, colors, sunsets, skin tones and smiles, challenges, and even discomfort!  “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” – William G.T. Shedd


With that said, LULA will not be taking any work or answering to any new inquiries from September – December 2014. We will resume responding to inquiries for limited bookings in 2015!  

I’d love to answer any questions before then, so just shoot me an email or send a contact form, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can!  Please note that after September 14th, I will not be responding to any new emails until January 1st.  Thanks for your understanding during this exciting time!  If you are inquiring about a date in January or February, please send an email with your date in the subject line.  For any other 2015 dates, please email in January and we can discuss booking from there!  

Also, you are invited to keep up with my personal instagram & personal blog for photos and updates from our journey!

Robyn Van Dyke Photography

Robyn Van Dyke Photography


With love and excitement for the things to come!!